Despite being energy self-sufficient thanks to its gas sector, Uzbekistan's ageing infrastructure struggles to meet growing domestic demand. Losses, overuse and financing remain problematic. Wide-ranging reforms focused on improving and diversification the energy sector are being introduced and the government has adopted the Strategy of Actions 2017-2021, which prioritizes improving energy efficiency and increasing generating capacity and use of renewables. Uzbekistan is part of the EU4Energy Progamme, an initiative focused on evidence-based policymaking for the energy sector.


Key energy statistics

Key recommendations, 2015

  • Prioritise the rehabilitation and replacement of ageing energy infrastructure

    Primarily focusing on electricity and heating networks, maintain a robust energy network and avoid failure of the country’s tightly interconnected heating and natural gas distribution networks. Prioritise critical areas; consider reinvesting income from rehabilitated areas in subsequent stages of system upgrade and/or rehabilitation.

  • Develop a well-balanced and socially targeted energy programme

    Plan a staged phasing out of energy subsidies, with a gradual move to cost-effective electricity, heat and natural gas tariffs, allowing to maintain the energy infrastructure intact. Improve investment climate and elaborate on modalities for government investment programmes.

  • Continue focusing on reducing the energy intensity of all sectors of the economy

    Provide measurable incentives to maximise energy efficiency gains, elaborate on national policies and institutional set-up, promoting development of energy efficiency and renewable energy on a larger scale, with clear targets and workable programmes.

  • Support the development of the country’s vast solar potential

    Continue development of the country's vast solar potential; assess developments of off-grid solar in remote areas.

  • Boost domestic oil and gas production

    Continue application of the latest technologies for enhanced oil and gas recovery, opening up new fields for oil and gas exploration and production; assess the country's shale oil and gas potential and encourage foreign direct investment in the country's upstream oil and gas sectors.

  • Promote R&D and investment in the country’s various sources of energy

    Promote R&D activities on the most pertinent aspects of conventional, alternative or unconventional energy resources, to encourage smart investments in the country’s conventional and alternative energy developments.

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