WEO Week: Sectoral transitions to new energy industries

Net Zero Emissions

A race to zero ─ accelerating clean energy transitions

Aerial View Of Wind Turbines

The IEA is leading calls for sustainable and resilient economic recoveries from the Covid-19 crisis at a time when ambition for global climate action is rising. An increasing number of countries are making net zero pledges, leading to a global realignment of energy and climate goals.

Energy is at the heart of the global climate dialogue ─ The climate challenge is essentially an energy challenge. With that in mind, policy makers around the world are seeking to reduce climate risks, accelerate the adoption of clean energy technologies, ensure an orderly transition toward clean new energy industries, enable inclusion and fairness, and maintain energy security.

Net zero targets have to quickly turn into real-world action ─ To reach our long-term climate goals, action must start now. Governments need to move fast to implement policies that can put global emissions into sustained decline in the coming years. This requires data-driven analysis and recommendations for effective energy policy-making ─ and to ensure greater transparency and accountability.