Moldova is almost fully dependent on fossil fuel and electricity imports, with natural gas serving most of its energy needs. The government plans to diversify the energy mix with renewables such as wind and solar. Moldova is part of the EU4Energy Programme, which focuses on improving evidence-based policy making for the energy sector.


Key energy statistics

Key recommendations, 2020

  • Further improve energy security and efficiency

    Ensure energy security through regional cooperation, regional market integration, diversification of routes and sources of supply in the gas and electricity sectors. Continue to provide suitable conditions for developing local energy infrastructure and increasing energy efficiency.

  • Enhance institutional capacity for energy-policy making

    In updating the energy strategy and setting up specific targets, enhance institutional capacity in energy data collection, modelling and forecasting, resource assessment, and system integration of renewable energy to allow informed decision-making.

  • Further develop free, liberalised and competitive energy markets

    In cooperation with the energy regulator, pursue efforts to accelerate the adoption and implementation of secondary legislation and regulations to transpose the provisions of the Third Energy Package. Ensure transparent and fair market rules and minimize state interference in the market operations.

  • Reinforce the government’s capacities in energy policy development

    Enhance the institutional capacity and staffing of the state bodies responsible for energy policy development and implementation and improve their coordination and cooperation.

  • Increase flexibility of the power system

    While pursuing greater interconnection and incentivising flexibility from domestic sources, develop Moldova’s power system’s flexibility, to accommodate variable renewable energy and reinforce electricity security in the country.

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