Paris Time Event — Dubai, United Arab Emirates

IEA at COP28: New grids for new challenges: transforming the energy sector towards the 1.5 °C goal

Background information

Dubai time: 4 December 2023, 15:00-16 :15

The clean energy transition is one of the key pillars to achieve emissions reductions aligned with the Paris Agreement and the 1.5°C goal. To enable this transition, the evolution and modernization of the grid with new infrastructure and technologies is becoming increasingly urgent. As we move toward a decarbonized future, decentralization will play a major role in making grid decarbonization a reality and ensuring the safe and reliable supply of affordable electricity. Furthermore, new technologies and new ways of distributing electricity are essential, including through GETs (Grid Enhancing Technologies), smart grids, and distributed generation, among other technological improvements.

This event will deepen the understanding of the role that advancements in technologies play in enabling the energy transition and present international success stories where these technologies have been applied to increase the resilience of the grid on a large scale when facing the challenges of the climate crisis.

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