WEO Week: Sectoral transitions to new energy industries


Aluminium production is highly energy-intensive, with electricity making up a large share of the energy consumed. Given the high level of electricity consumed in the aluminium subsector, power sector decarbonisation is a key complement to emissions reduction efforts in aluminium.

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Key findings

Direct CO2 intensity of aluminium production, 2000-2018


Emissions intensity of aluminium production must decline

The direct CO2 intensity of aluminium production remained relatively flat in 2018, as it has since 2014. According to the SDS, however, emissions intensity must decline by 1.5% annually to 2030. Getting on track with the SDS will require improved end-of-life scrap collection and sorting to enable greater production from scrap, and further development of new technologies to reduce emissions from primary production. Governments can stimulate action by better co-ordinating aluminium scrap collection and sorting, funding RD&D and adopting mandatory CO2 emissions reduction policies.