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  • The world is dealing with a crisis of unprecedented breadth and complexity.

    Oil and gas markets are facing major uncertainties amid today’s geopolitical upheaval.

    High energy prices have stoked inflation and created a looming risk of global recession.

    Percentage of countries with greater than 6% inflation, 1970-2022

  • Governments around the world are responding to the crisis by doubling down on clean energy – in the US, EU, Japan, China, India and elsewhere.

    Their new policies are set to help global clean energy investment rise above $2 trillion a year by 2030, an increase of over 50% from today.

    Clean energy investment in the Stated Policies Scenario, 2015-2030

  • For the first time ever, today's policy settings are strong enough to deliver a distinct peak in fossil fuel use within this decade.

    This isn't enough to avoid severe climate impacts, but it's progress from where we were a few years ago.

    Stronger policies can steepen the decline.

    Fossil fuel demand in the Stated Policies Scenario, 1900-2050

  • Progress in policies and technologies since 2015 has shaved 1°C off projected global warming, but much more is needed to reach the temperature goals of the Paris Agreement.

    Implementing announced climate pledges in full would lower warming to 1.7°C, moving us closer to safer ground.

    Global energy related CO2 emissions by scenario, 1990-2050

  • This year's WEO makes clear the long-term impacts of Russia's actions on its energy exports. Russian fossil fuel exports never return – in any of our scenarios – to their 2021 levels.

    Within 10 years, Russia’s share of internationally traded oil and gas is set to fall by half.

    Russian gas exports in the World Energy Outlook 2022 vs. 2021

  • Amid these major changes, a new energy security paradigm is needed to ensure reliability and affordability while reducing emissions.

    That's why World Energy Outlook 2022 provides 10 principles to help guide policymakers through the period of declining fossil fuel and expanding clean energy systems.

    World Energy Outlook 2022 10 Principles To Guide The Clean Energy Transitions