Graphic: Actions to drive heat pump deployment in China’s industry sector

Driving heat pump deployment in industry

The deployment of heat pumps in China’s industry sector requires action in the Immediate, medium-term, and long-term.

Immediate actions

  • Launch communications and awareness-raising campaigns targeted at industry end users
  • Develop tools to support industry end users on heat pump selection and design
  • Provide financial support to address upfront investment and operating costs
  • Scale up demonstration projects to assess feasibility of large heat pumps in different temperature ranges

Medium-term actions (2026-2030)

  • Set targets for heat pump deployment in line with China’s 30-60 targets
  • Phase down subsidies for fossil fuel heating technologies, freeing up resources for promoting clean heating solutions
  • Expand the role of heat pumps in industrial energy efficiency plans
  • Introduce targeted incentives in light industry, pulp and paper and chemicals
  • Expand actions to optimise waste heat recovery
  • Integrate heat pumps into industry electrification strategies
  • Expand access to dynamic electricity pricing

Supply chain long-term actions (2030 onwards)

  • Promote large heat pumps as part of the technical standard and best practices for decarbonisation in key industry sectors
  • Set industrial heat pump regulations to allow for use of excess heating and cooling from industry
  • Promote active participation of industry in power flexibility markets

Immediate actions should focus on helping industry to address high upfront costs for heat pumps, while promoting awareness of their benefits.