The Critical Minerals Policy Tracker was prepared by the Office of Legal Counsel. The report was led by K.C. Michaels and Tomás de Oliveira Bredariol with major contributions from Joyce Raboca and Natalie St. Clair. Other IEA colleagues provided valuable inputs, including Amrita Dasgupta, George Kamiya, Tae-Yoon Kim, Olivia Chen and Ashley Acker. External reviewers included Louis Marechal of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and Isabelle Ramdoo of the Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development. Kristine Douad edited the manuscript.

In addition, the following people contributed to the development of policy entries for the Policies Database:

  • Andrew Boas
  • Mo Lei
  • Silvia Retamales Morales
  • Jiro Yoshino

The project also received support from the Sciences-Po Law School Clinic, including the following students:

  • Safwane Aissaoui (Sciences-Po Law School Clinic)
  • Cui Chenxi (Sciences-Po Law School Clinic)
  • Eva Dayan (Sciences-Po Law School Clinic)
  • Pauline Gerard (Sciences-Po Law School Clinic)
  • Joaquin Gosalvez Castillo (Sciences-Po Law School Clinic)
  • Daniel Hawie Roca (Sciences-Po Law School Clinic)
  • Madeleine Lefranc (Sciences-Po Law School Clinic)