03 Jun 2021 10:35—12:15 Paris Time Webinar

What’s next for power system flexibility?

This event, held during the CEM12 hosted by Chile, was a joint event by two workstreams of the Clean Energy Ministerial.

It was both a wrap up for the activities of the Power System Flexibility Campaign and ISGAN’s current term. Moreover, it highlighted the proposed framing for further collaboration with ISGAN’s new annexes on the topic.

Over the last three years the PSF has hosted a set of technical events, experience exchanges and high-level discussions aimed at drawing a bridge between the needs public sector policy-making needs for improved flexibility and experience from non-governmental organizations. The PSF looks at the integration of all flexibility resources: generation, storage, demand and grids through three key pillars, market design, digitalisation and sector coupling.

The event focused on what solutions have been deployed until now and where are the gaps that need to be filled through both new policy approaches and new technologies. The objective of the event was to highlight areas of critical importance to improve power system flexibility, stressing the link between applied research projects and the policy-making process.