Paris Time Event

WEO Week: Electricity sector transitions: policy and finance

This session will focus on the outlook for the transition to low-emissions electricity sectors around the world. How fast are electricity sectors transitioning to low-emissions? How can financing and policy attract investment, and support the transition away from coal? 


  • Mr. Alfredo Parres, Senior Vice President, Industry Network Leader Renewables, Hitachi ABB
  • Mr. Pramudya, Sub-coordinator of Power System Planning, MEMR, Indonesia
  • Mr. Enrique De Las Morenas, Head of Competitor Intelligence, Market Studies and Strategic Analysis from the Global Power Generation, Enel
  • Ms. Ani Balabanyan, Practice Manager, Energy and Extractives, World Bank


  • Michael Waldron, Head of IEA's Energy Investment Unit


  • Brent Wanner, Head of IEA's Power Sector Unit

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