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25 Mar 2020 Paris Time Webinar

Technical secure integration of large shares of converter based power sources

Electricity is becoming increasingly vital for our economy and society. Industry and citizens expect maximum levels of reliability, and even short disruptions can have widespread economic impact.

At the same time, decarbonisation of the power sector through new technologies such as variable renewable energy (VRE) is key towards ensuring long-term climate targets. As a result, new challenges emerge in power systems across the globe, which are intensified in areas with very high VRE shares. This requires dedicated attention from policy makers in coordination with system operators, industry and researchers.

The webinar convenes worldwide experts in the field of power system stability. It gives an overview of the main technical challenges arising when implementing large share of converter based power sources, how some countries have already decided to cope with them and which aspects require further work. This will feed into IEA’s work on electricity security, as well as a dedicated project for the French government on technical conditions to reach a 100% renewable energy mix.