Workshop — Yokohama, Japan

Systems Integration Side Event


Given the importance of VRE system integration, the SIR side event focused on the three main points: Japanese system integration analysis, system operation and advanced power plant flexibility and demand response and electricity storage.

The first session of the side event focused on Japanese system integration analysis. Speakers from Kyushu electric power company, TEPCO and OCCTO discussed Design and Operation of Power systems with large amounts of Solar PV in Kyushu, Pumped hydro storage operation and Planning of Transmission line for large amount of VRE in Japan.

The second session centred on System operation and advanced power plant flexibility, including a presentation on the design and operation of power systems with large amounts of VRE. The session also featured a presentation on advanced power plant flexibility including CCGT and coal power plant.

The third session looked at the potential of Demand response and electricity storage. This included a presentation focusing on operation of demand response and virtual power plant, as well two-technology-focused presentations: one describing hybrid solar and energy storage and the second from energy storage system and virtual power plant in Japan.


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