Workshop — Paris, France

Strengthening the Links between Fusion and Society


Background information

Agenda - 28th January 2014 (14:00-18:00)

14:00 Opening remarks - Thomas Vanek, FPCC Chair14:15 

From research to pilot plants: the factors that led to wide-scale deployment of nuclear energy
Henri Paillere, Nuclear Energy Agency14:45 

Gaining – and maintaining – industry interest in large-scale pilot and
demonstration projects
Daniele Laurini, European Space Agency15:15Coffee break15:30

Carbon capture and storage – managing promises and resolving
uncertainties through science
Tim Dixon, Greenhouse Gas Implementing Agreement16:00

Communicating with society: building confidence in the unknown
Robert Aymar, former Director-General, CERN16:15Roundtable Discussion17:15Wrap-up: lessons learned for the fusion community - Thomas Vanek, FPCC Chair17:30Close