Workshop — Paris, France

Solar Electricity Roadmap Workshop


The IEA intends to update its technology roadmaps for solar electricity technologies – both PV and STE (aka CSP) – in 2014. The updates will be launched in September 2014.

To this end, we will convey two main workshops. Each workshop will have one PV day, and one STE day.

This first workshop focussed on market status, technology improvements, and vision for the future, based on the forthcoming Energy Technology Perspectives publication.

The second workshop is likely to take place late March or early April 2014, possibly in the United States. It will focus on milestones and policies, including market design and support policies.

Participants list

DAY 1 - Solar Thermal:

Welcome and workshop introduction
Didier Houssin, Director Sustainable Energy Technology Policy, IEA

The IEA technology roadmaps
Cecilia Tam, ETP, IEA

Session 1: STE/CSP Market Status

Overview of current market trends for CSP plants
Speaker: Luis Crespo, ESTELA

Focus: Outlook for STE/CSP deployment to 2018
Speaker: Michael Waldron, RED, IEA

Focus: LCOE of STE 
Speaker: Jenny Chase, BNEF

Session 2: Vision

STE deployment in the 2DS and hiRen scenario  
Speaker: Cédric Philibert, RED, IEA

Focus: linear vs. central receiver systems
Speaker: Elisa Prieto Casaña, Abengoa Solar

Session 3: Solar thermal technologies -linear systems

Overview of parabolic troughs and linear Fresnel receivers
Speaker: Frank Lenzen, Schottsolar

Large Scale CLFR
Speaker: Rémy Flandin, Areva

Focus: Unconventional non-imaging optics
Speaker: Manuel Collares Pereira, Universidade de Évora

Focus: Solar Boosters in fossil-fuel plants
Speaker: Frédéric Siros, EDF

Session 4: Solar thermal technologies – point-focus systems

Presentation: Overview of central receiver and dish systems
Speaker: Christoph Richter, SolarPACES

Focus: DSG solar towers
Yoel Gilon, BrightSource

Focus: DSG molten-salt towers
Speaker: Bill Gould, SolarReserve

Focus: Air solar towers with gas turbines
Speaker: Gilles Flamant, CNRS

DAY 2:

Welcome and introduction to day 2
Keisuke Sadamori, Director Energy Markets and Security

Brief summary of Day 1
Cédric Philibert, RED, IEA 

Session 1: Market Status

Presentation: Overview of current market trends for PV systems
Speaker: Gaëtan Masson, EPIA

Focus: Outlook for PV deployment to 2018
Speaker: Michael Waldron, RED, IEA

Focus: LCOE of PV
Speaker: Jenny Chase, BNEF

Session 2: Vision

Presentation: PV deployment in the 2DS and hiRen scenario
Speaker:  Uwe Remme, ETP, IEA

Focus: Vision on the LCOE of PV until 2030
Speaker: Johannes Mayer, Fraunhofer-ISE

Focus: PV vs. STE in an emerging economy
Speaker: Paul Gauché, Stellenbosch University

Session 3: PV Technologies - modules

Presentation: Overview of PV modules
Speaker: Philippe Malbranche, CEA-INES

Focus: Thin films
Speaker: Daniel Lincot, IPVF-IRDEP

Focus: Cost-effective high-efficiency 1-sun modules
Speaker: Wim Sinke, ECN

Focus: Industrial perspective for back-junction c-Si module 
Speaker: Veronique Jolivet, Total New Energy

Session 4: PV Technologies - systems

Presentation: Overview of PV systems
Speaker: Stefan Nowak, PVPS

Focus: High-Concentration PV
Speaker: Frédéric Bouvier, Soitec

Focus: Soft costs
Speaker: Thierry Lepercq, Solairedirect

Focus: Combining Solar PV and wind farms
Speaker: Fabrizio Bizzarri, Enel