Workshop — Mexico City, Mexico

Smart Grids in Latin America and the Caribbean


SENER (Secretaría de Energía), in partnership with the International Low-Carbon Energy Technology Platform) and the IEA's Network of Expertise in Energy Technologies, supported by the United Nation's Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL), hosted a regional smart grids workshop brought together a range of experts from local and global governments and the private sector, including the IEA energy technology network. The workshop initiated a longer-term collaboration to address the opportunities and challenges of smart grids in these regions. Providing an opportunity to learn from other regions within a regional context, this workshop was designed for a range of stakeholders from the electricity sector including technical, financial, business and consumer areas.

Targeted outcomes included:

  • Presentation of global best practices in smart grid development, demonstration and deployment
  • Discussion and categorisation of regional electricity system needs and
  • Clarification of the roles for stakeholders and areas for domestic, regional and international collaboration on regional smart grid planning and deployment activities

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