27 Mar 2012 Workshop — Paris, France

Renewables – Policy and Market Design Challenges


Despite the challenging economic situation, the renewable energy industry has been growing rapidly. Renewables play an essential role in all sustainable energy futures. Growing the industry at the rate required in these scenarios presents a formidable challenge. Are current policies sufficient to allow this momentum to be maintained? How do policies and markets need to evolve to provide the conditions in which investment in renewables and other low-carbon technologies can flourish?

To help identify concrete steps which can be taken by industry, governments and international organisations the IEA’s Renewable Energy Working Party is organising a workshop, the latest in its annual series, to discuss these challenges and to identify some concrete actions which can be taken.

An invited group of decision makers which will include industry members of the newly formed Renewable Industry Advisory Board, along with senior government policy makers and representatives from international organisations and academia, will discuss and debate these issues and come up with recommendations for immediate future actions.

Background information

Welcome and introduction
Hans Jørgen Koch, REWP Chairman

IEA Energy Priorities
Maria van der Hoeven, Former Executive Director, IEA 

Session 1 : A Year Full of Changes in the Energy Market - Implications for Renewables? 
Chair: Roberto Vigotti, Vice Chair REWP and RIAB co-ordinator

How have the opportunities and challenges for renewables changed in the last year?
Hans Jørgen Koch, Former REWP Chairman

Renewables in the Changing Energy Situation
Didier Houssin, IEA, Former Director Energy Markets and Security

The Investment Climate
Angus McCrone, Bloomberg NEF

Panel Remarks and Discussion

- Carmen Becerril, ACCIONA ENERGÍA, S.A.
- Henrik Breum, Vestas
- Mike Eckhart, Citibank
- Kuniharu Takemata, J-POWER
- Mike Winkel, E.On Discussion


Session 2 - Is Current Market Design Consistent with Long Term Energy Policy Goals? 
Chair and Facilitator: Gus Schellekens, PWC

What are the limits to current policy success?
Paolo Frankl, IEA, Head Renewable Energy Division

Are renewables becoming more competitive in the current global markets?
Dolf Gielen, IRENA

Panel Remarks and Discussion

- Jeroen de Haas, Eneco NL
- Lee Woo Hyun, OCI
- Izabela Kielichowska, GE
- Martin Schöpe, BMU, Germany
- Francesco Starace, Enel Greenpower
- Xabier Viteri, Iberdrola

Session 3 - Designing the Future Market 
Chair and Facilitator: Paolo Frankl, IEA

What policy changes are needed to create a market consistent with secure and low carbon policy objectives?
Jorge Vasconcelos, New Energy Solutions

Integrating renewables, energy markets and infrastructure
Mario Ragwitz, Fraunhofer Institute

Panel Remarks and Discussion
- Olivia Alonso Garcia, Red Electrica
- Claus Hartmann, DONG Energy
- Andreas Indinger, Austrian Energy Agency
- Zitouni Ould-Dada, DECC, UK
- Alberto Potosching, ACER
- Maja Wessels, First Solar

Session 4 -The Way Forward - Conclusions, Recommendations and Priorities for RIAB 
Chair and Facilitator: Arthuros Zervos CEO PPC and EREC

Feedback from Facilitators

Session 1 - Roberto Vigotti
Session 2 - Gus Schellekens
Session 3 - Paolo Frankl

Panel remarks and Discussion

- Steve Chalk, DOE, USA
- Andy Kinsella, Mainstream RE
- Eric Peeters, Dow Corning
- Santiago Seage, Abengoa
- Jonas Wilde, Vattenfall
- Okko Ziegler, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italy*

Discussion Closing Remarks

Hans Jørgen Koch, Former REWP Chairman