13 Sep 2023 09:30—11:30 Paris Time Webinar — Online, Zoom

Reforming power markets in China to accelerate the clean energy transition

Beijing time: 15:30 - 17:30

Power markets around the world are evolving to fit countries’ decarbonisation goals and adopt a renewables’ friendly structure. International knowledge sharing and experiences can inspire China in its power markets reform process, which showed further signs of acceleration this summer.

The webinar will trigger a conversation around the following core topics: 

  • What are the key reforms needed in China to advance power markets, in a context of increasing penetration of wind and solar power?      
  • Can the European Union’s proposal to reform its internal electricity market be a source of inspiration for China?      
  • How can new entities be integrated into power markets to harness emerging flexibility resources?  
  • Which market instruments and regulatory measures are best suited to address common concerns related to price volatility and changing patterns in a renewable-based system? 

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