18 Feb 2020 Workshop — Mumbai, India

Power System Transformation Workshop#1: State of Maharashtra

The International Energy Agency (IEA) in partnership with NITI Aayog and Prayas Energy Group organised a Maharashtra Power System Transformation Workshop to inform the state government’s actions for system integration of solar and wind.

The increasing share of solar and wind energy in Maharashtra (up from 6.5% today) will redefine how the state’s power system is organized, planned and operated in the coming years. With Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) having set a high Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) target of 25% by 2025, system flexibility will be a key issue for the state.

IEA’s global work on power system transformations categorizes six phases of renewable integration which need to be successfully managed. Maharashtra will be close to enter Phase 3 of this transformation by achieving the renewable target by 2025. Other international regions such as Denmark, UK, Australia, Germany, various Chinese provinces and US states have already adopted practices in light of similar challenges. This workshop highlighted what the state of Maharashtra may learn from these international experiences and how it fits with its own system transformation.

The workshop brought together local Maharashtra stakeholders including SLDC, WRLDC, MSETCL, DISCOMs, the state regulator, power producers and battery storage stakeholders. The state views were complemented with international insights from IEA, RAP, GIZ and India national insights from the Prayas Energy Group, Centre for Energy Regulation, IESA, TERI, think tanks and more. Almost 80 people attended.

The workshop provided a platform for local and international experts to share ideas and identify key recommendations for power system planning, operation and flexibility for a successful increasing integration of variable renewable energy in Maharashtra.

This workshop is part of an IEA engagement in various India states on their power system transformation to accommodate higher shares in variable renewables.

This workshop was the first of the series of 3 workshops supported through the IEA Clean Energy Transitions Programme (CETP), particularly thanks to the contribution of the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

For more information please contact: kartik.veerakumar@iea.org.