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30 Jun 2022 10:30—11:30 Paris Time Release

Nuclear Power and Secure Energy Transitions: From Today's Challenges to Tomorrow's Clean Energy Systems

Nuclear Power and Secure Energy Transitions: From Today’s Challenges to Tomorrow’s Clean Energy Systems is a new report that will look at how nuclear energy could help address two major crises – energy and climate – facing the world today. It will examine the potential role of nuclear among the options for governments to develop more diverse and domestically based supplies in light of the disruptions caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The report will build upon the IEA’s landmark report, Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector to examine in depth nuclear power’s potential role as a source of low emissions electricity that is available on demand to complement the leading role of renewables such as wind and solar in the transition to electricity systems with net zero emissions.

In this context, the report will examine the difficulties facing nuclear investment, particularly in advanced economies, in the areas of cost, performance, safety and waste management. For countries where nuclear power is considered an acceptable part of the future energy mix, the report will identify the potential policy, regulatory and market changes that could be implemented in order to create new investment opportunities. It will also look at the role of new technologies, particularly small modular reactors, and their potential development and deployment.

The International Energy Agency will host a livestreamed press webinar to launch its new report Nuclear Power and Secure Energy Transitions: From Today's Challenges to Tomorrow's Clean Energy Systems on Thursday, 30 June, at 10:30 AM Paris time.