Workshop — Stockholm, Sweden

Networked Standby Data Collection Methodology and Policy Development Workshop


This event was organised with IEA Implementing Agreement for a Co-operating Programme on Efficient Electrical End-Use Equipment (4E) Standby Power and Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD).

The workshop will assemble international experts and practitioners in the area of networked standby and related fields. During the workshop, we will explore current practices and promising new approaches, as well as identify gaps that still need to be addressed. Actions needed to accelerate progress will be determined and opportunities for international collaboration, harmonisation of test procedures, and alignment of policies will be discussed.


Monday 7 May

Welcome and overview
Vida Rozite, International Energy Agency

Session 1: Networked standby power consumption - state of the art and future developments
Moderator: Melissa Damnics

ICT related energy use - a systems perspective on trends and growth 
Flavio Cucchietti, Telecom Italia

Energy Efficiency in the Networked Society - Standby opportunities and challenges
Susanne Lundberg, Ericsson

Smart appliances
Paolo Falcioni, Indesit 

State of the art and pipeline technologies
Jan Viegand, Viegand Maagoe  

Session 2: Long term target for networked standby and how to get there
Moderators: Jan Viegand

Panel discussion:

  • What should be the long term (5-8 year) target for networked standby?
  • Which steps are needed to achieve the target(s)?
  • How should we start?
  • How do we stimulate designers, manufacturers, software developers to work towards this?
  • How to we convince stakeholders that we need to take action now?

Bruce Nordman, LBNL
Alan Meier, LBNL
Per Döfnäs, Ericsson
Shane Holt, 4E/SEAD
Jos Beekwilder, Océ-Technologies B.V. Canon Group
Huw Waters, SonyEurope  

Session 3: Discussion
Moderator: Vida Rozite, International Energy Agency

Tuesday 8 May

Welcome and summing up from day 1
Vida Rozite, International Energy Agency

Session 4: Experiences from countries and programmes

Sanguk Jung, Telecommunications Technology Association

Alan Meier, LBNL

Pengcheng Li, China National Institute of Standardization

EU networked standby policy development update, EU Codes of Conduct 
Hans-Paul Siderius, NL Agency

Session 5: Building on lessons learned

1-Watt standby - Mapping and benchmarking of results
Jeremy Tait, 4E Mapping and Benchmarking Annex

California Low-power mode energy consumption residential survey
Alain Meier, LBNL

Session 6:  International standards and energy management protocols 

Contribution of international standards to promoting energy efficiency
Huw Waters, Sony Europe

Prioritising energy management protocols in standards for networked products
Bruce Nordman, LBNL
Lloyd Harrington, Energyefficient

Session 7: Measuring networked standby power consumption

PC-based network simulation measurement methodology
Ali Rahbar/Troels Fjordbak Larsen, IT Energy

Test procedures and protocols - standardisation and international harmonisation
Lloyd Harrington, Energyefficient
Bruce Nordman, LBNL

Session 8: Summing up and discussion

Moderator: Vida Rozite, International Energy Agency

Summing up
Vita Rozite, International Energy Agency