Event — Katowice, Poland

Marrakesh Partnership for Global Climate Action Transport Day

Time: 15:00-18:00

While highlighting the scale and range of climate action in the transport sector, this event identifies political, technical, social, and economic barriers, which are preventing the scaling up of climate action and examines how UNFCCC Parties can help address these barriers at the national level.

With participation of Caroline Lee, IEA Energy Analyst, Environment and Climate Change

Scaling Up Climate Action in the Transport SectorIntroduction by Moderator
Barry Howe, Director of Sustainable Mobility and Community Investment, Alstom

Format: Panel
Segment 1 – Strategic Visions and Tools

Moderator: Patrick Oliva, Co-founder, Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC)


  • José Mendes, Vice Minister for Mobility, Portugal
  • Patricia Fuller, Ambassador for Climate Change, Government of Canada
  • Jari Kauppila, Head of Statistics and Modelling, International Transport Forum (ITF)
  • Yann Briand, Research Fellow, Climate and Transport, IDDRI
  • Shirin Reuvers, Senior Manager, CDP (tbc)

Responses and comments from Parties and other participants

Segment 2 - Urban Transformation for Passenger and Freight Transport

Moderator: Maruxa Cardama, Secretary General, Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon
Transport (SLoCaT)

  • Bjoen Hanappel, Head of GoGreen, Deutsche Post DHL Group
  • Marcene D. Mitchell, Senior Manager of Climate Strategy and Business
  • Development, IFC (tbc)
  • Maël Martinie, Project Manager, CODATU (MobiliseYourCity)
  • Armin Wagner, Head of the Secretary, Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative

Segment 3 – Low Carbon Energy Strategy for Transport

Moderator: Rasmus Valanko, Director of Climate and Energy, WBCSD

• Mary Nichols, Chair, California Air Resources Board (tbc)
• Driving Change Together Partnership, Poland, COP Presidency (tbc)
• Caroline Lee, Energy Policy Analyst, International Energy Agency
• Karol Gobczynski, Climate and Energy Manager, IKEA (EV100)
• Eric Sievers, Director- Investments, Climate Ethanol Alliance

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