Workshop — Moscow, Russia

IEA-OAO "InterRAO EES" Renewable Expert Meeting


Agenda (English)
Agenda (Russian)

Opening Remarks
Sharov Yury Vladimirovich, Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors, Centre for Engineering and Construction, OAO "InterRAO EES"
Ulrich Benterbusch, Director of Global Energy Dialogue, International Energy Agency

Strategic goals in the field of development of renewable energy in Russia: state policies and regulations
E.Grinkevich, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation

The Role of renewables in scenarios of the International Energy Agency
Paolo Frankl, Head, Renewable Energy Department, IEA

Session 1: World Experience in Development of Wind Energy: Achievements and Outlook; Challenges and Outlook for Development of Wind Energy in Russia

Questions for discussion:

  • Situation and outlook for global development of wind energy
  • The most effective measures to stimulate the development of wind energy
  • Economic characteristics of modern and potential wind energy power plants (on and offshore), structure of investment and operating costs
  • Technical achievements in the field of wind energy (on and offshore)
  • Influence of wind power plants on the electricity system
  • Experience in integrating wind power generators for electricity supply for autonomous consumers; co-ordination of generation regimes and consumption
  • Environmental effects of the wind energy plants

The Most Effective Measures to Stimulate Development of Wind Energy
Hugo Chandler and Samantha Olz , Senior Renewables Experts, International Energy Agency

Current situation, potential and outlook for wind energy in Russia. Legal regulation issues
P.A. Ponkratev, JSC RusHydro


Situation, Needed Changes and Amendments to Current Regulations to Stimulate the Development of Wind Energy in Russia
A.Kopylov, AF-MERCADOS, expert

Approaches to developing the General Scheme for locating wind energy plants in Russia
V. Nikolaev, General Director, NTC "Atmograph"

Domestic Machine (Equipment) Building Potential and Expediency of Technology Transfer in the Field of Wind Energy
V. I. Nirkovsky, Head Developer KB "Raduga"

Harnessing Variable Renewables: Grid Integration
Hugo Chandler, Senior Renewables Expert, International Energy Agency

Perspectives and Specifics in the Development of the Grid with Wind Generation in pricing and regulated zones in Russian electricity markets
Dr. G.B. Ermolenko, General Director, OOO "Wind-Energy Systems - South"

Experience in the Development of Wind Energy in Germany
Dr. Joachim Kutscher, Vice Chair IEA Wind Agreement, Research Center Juelich, Germany

Questions and Answers: Discussion

Session 2: World Experience in Development of Solar Energy: Achievements and Outlook; Challenges and Outlook for Development of Solar Energy in Russia

  • Current level of development of solar technology and photovoltaics, economic characteristics of modern and future solar energy stations; structure of investment and operating costs
  • Comparison of technical and economic characteristisc of PV of different types (on the basis of mono and poly- crystals, thin films, heterostructures, organic materials and others);outlook for improvements and uptake
  • The use of photoelectric systems in the distributed electricity systems ('intelligent houses'); experience in establishing low-voltage electricity systems for supplying communities (residential sector) with electricity; synchronizing electricity generation regimes and demand; experience in incorporating PV in buildings
  • Current situation and outlook for the world markets in raw materials for photovoltaic cells manufacturing and the outlook for development of solar energy worldwide

Overview of the situation and outlook for development of solar energy worldwide: Situation and outlook for global markets of raw materials for PV production
Paolo Frankl, Director, Renewable Energy Department, IEA

Resource potential of effective use of solar energy in Russia
Dr. O. Popel, Joint Institute of High Temperatures, Russian Academy of Sciences

RusNano’s projects in the field of photoelectric energy
D. M. Gordienko, RusNano

Experience in organizing production of photoelectric converters in Russia and the needed amendments to Russia’s legislation
O. I. Shutkin, Head of division, HEVELL

Experience producing, practical use and exports of photoelectric power from monocrystal silicon
M. B. Zaks and G. Untila Solar Wind Ltd

Experience establishing first grid photoelectric energy installations in Russia
P. M. Michalev, VIEKO

General Discussion on challenges to the use of solar energy in Russia and the World