Workshop — Paris, France

IEA Global Industry Dialogue and Expert Review Workshop


Industrial carbon dioxide emissions will need to be significantly reduced in the next few decades to meet the Energy Technology Perspectives 2DS scenario targets. Despite efficiency improvements of the last few decades, energy use in industry has risen due to increases in worldwide demand and production. Collaboration will be key in the effort to meet ambitious climate and energy efficiency goals. The IEA’s Global Industry Dialogue and Expert Review Workshop aims to facilitate co-ordination and dialogue by bringing together industry experts from around the world.

This one day workshop will review the preliminary industry-related modelling results for the Energy Technology Perspectives 2014 publication, and industry experts will share their views on emissions reduction technology issues and potentials both within and across industrial sub-sectors. The event also aims to start a dialogue on low-carbon action and process innovation by exploring collaboration opportunities to bring the findings of the regional Low Carbon Technology Industry Roadmaps to a global level. This event will include representatives from several of the major manufacturing sub-sectors, as well as from cross-cutting industry organisations.


Didier Houssin

ETP Project and Preliminary ETP 2014 Scenario Results for Industry
Araceli Fernandez

Session 1: Update on Industry Initiatives
Chair: Araceli Fernandez, Energy Technology Analyst, IEA

Cement Sector
Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) – Rob van der Meer

Chemical and Petrochemical Sector
International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) – Russel Mills

Iron and Steel Sector
World Steel – Ladislav Horvath

Aluminum Sector
International Aluminium Institute (IAI) – Chris Bayliss

Session 2: Industry Technology Roadmaps in the global context
Chair: Cecilia Tam, Head of Energy Demand Technology, IEA

Low Carbon Technology Plan in Japan
METI – Shinichi Kihara

Renewables in Industry
IRENA - Deger Saygin

Eurofer Low Carbon Steel Roadmap 2050
Steel Institute VDEh – Jean-Theo Ghenda

Session 3: Sectorial Breakout Sessions
Iron & Steel and Cement (Chair: Cecilia Tam / Emer Dennehy)
CEMBUREAU Roadmap – Claude Lorea
Cement Handout
Iron & Steel Handout

Chemicals and Petrochemicals (Chair: Araceli Fernandez)
CEFIC Roadmap – William Garcia
Chemicals Handout

Aluminium (Chair: Kira West)
Aluminium Handout

Session 4: Roundtable – Conclusions
Chair: Cecilia Tam, Head of Energy Demand Technology, IEA