21 Jan 2016 Workshop

IEA CHP/DHC Collaborative Workshop



Welcome and opening remarks
Jean-François Gagné

Phase IV update

Kira West

ETP 2016  - Buildings and integrated case studies
John Dulac

Industry analysis and excess heat recovery
Araceli Fernandez-Pales

Urban supply assessment
Luis Munuera, Uwe Remme

Planned activities for 2017

ETP Modelling Plans
Eric Masanet

Buildings-related activities
John Dulac

Industry-related activities
Araceli Fernandez-Pales

TIMES modelling integration
Luis Munuera

E4 programme: industrial excess heat in China
Brian Dean

ERI China modelling activities
Davide D’Ambrosio

2017 and beyond
‌Moderator: John Dulac