Paris Time Event — Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

IEA at COP27: E-mobility and the role of batteries in delivering carbon neutrality in the transport sector

Background information

Egypt Time, GMT +2: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM

Electric mobility is the primary tool to reduce carbon emissions from road transport. In recent years, there has been an acceleration in the deployment of electric vehicles and one of the reasons was the decreasing cost of batteries. To meet climate goals, electric vehicle sales must accelerate further and large volumes of batteries will have to be produced. In addition, batteries are extremely important for the integration of renewables in the electricity grid, making batteries a true key enabling technology for net zero.

The scale up of this key technology will require cooperation. On the one hand, cooperation between industry and government is essential to ensure the rapid growth of a sustainable industry. On the other hand, international cooperation is essential to ensure that all countries involved across the supply chain work together to speed up deployment, while ensuring that all parties can reap the benefits of this growing industry. The aim of this event is to bring together representatives from industry and government to discuss their experiences in public-private and international cooperation as well as to explore new ways to accelerate the industry’s development.

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