Paris Time Event — Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

IEA at COP27: A cleaner power sector by 2030 - Scaling renewable and storage-based systems

Cop27 Implementation Lab Clean Power Card

Background information

Egypt Time, GMT +2: 2:00 PM-3:00 PM

This Implementation Lab on Energy Day of COP27 will showcase the renewable energy-based technology mix that will enable decarbonization of the global electricity system. We are at an unprecedented moment of cost-competitiveness, investment and technological maturity of grid-scale renewable energy. This Lab will examine how wind-solar-storage based systems are scaling up in countries around the world, bringing together policymakers, supply-side industry and civil society to showcase the progress that has been made and the key roadblocks to scaling these systems by 2030. 

This is an interactive 90-minute workshop open to all attendees of COP27, which will begin with high-level remarks from keynote speakers, followed by a series of interventions on successful case studies of scaling clean power from government, energy agencies, the private sector, the investment community and civil society. Participants are then invited to engage in 35-40 minutes of breakout discussions and feedback on how to scale up renewable and storage-based systems within this decade. 

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