Workshop — Paris, France

Global Industry Experts Dialogue Workshop


The objective of this workshop is to explore the role of industrial technology innovation in meeting climate targets in the framework of the Energy Technology Perspectives 2015 project. The ETP 2015 project will seek to increase policy maker confidence in the feasibility of achieving climate change mitigation targets ambitious enough to meet both short and long-term objectives, in support of the upcoming negotiations of COP 21 in Paris.

It will do that by providing better visibility of the potential of energy technology innovation, encompassing all stages of Research, Development, Demonstration and Deployment (RDD&D) processes, to enable an economically viable low-carbon energy system. It will also help decision makers identify tools to spur innovation and to evaluate their effectiveness, enabling coordination of public and private efforts to ensure that policy drivers and targets are matched by investments and market implementation instruments as well as innovative business models.

Within the ETP 2015 project framework, this workshop will discuss  current state of play of innovation in the industrial sector, existing limiting regional/global factors to innovation development and demonstration, good technology prioritisation practices, successful collaborative/incentivizing programmes, and follow-up implementation activities from low-carbon technology industrial roadmaps, to get a better understanding of investment decision making in technology innovation in the industrial context and how aligned are private sector objectives/priorities and government climate goals, with the final aim to provide recommendations on  how industry and public actors can cooperate together to effectively boost and prioritise RDD&D programmes.


Didier Houssin, Director of Sustainable Energy Policy and Technology Directorate, IEA

Industry activities update from IEA Energy Technology and Policy division
Araceli Fernandez, Energy Technology Analyst, IEA

Session 1: The role of industrial technology innovation in meeting climate targets

1A - Sectorial views:

Cement sector
On behalf of Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) – Vincent Mages

Chemical and Petrochemical sector
International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) – Kiyoshi Matsuda, Russel Mills

Iron and Steel sector
World Steel – Rizwan Janjua

Aluminum sector
World Aluminium – Chris Bayliss

1B - ETP 2015 Industry analysis: Driving industrial innovation for global change
Araceli Fernandez, Energy Technology Analyst, IEA

Session 2: Energy and emissions industrial indicators

2A - ETP Industry energy efficiency tracking methodology: limitations and proposed improvements
Kira West, Energy Technology Research Assistant, IEA

2B -Industrial technology and energy performance databases: sectorial and national based cases

Iron and steel sector: energy efficiency database
World Steel – Rizwan Janjua

Cement sector: getting the numbers right (GNR) database
On behalf of CSI –Volker Hoenig

Measuring industrial energy efficiency in China
GIZ – Thomas Schmitz