09 Nov 2021 10:15—18:00 Paris Time Conference — Dundee, United Kingdom

EVI Pilot City Forum 2021

Background information

After the very popular first and second editions of the EVI Pilot City Forum, in Helsinki (Finland, 2018) and Guangzhou (China, 2019) respectively, this third edition of the Forum is taking place in Dundee, on the margins of the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland. This year’s theme focuses on- The road to scaling up: from pilot-scale to commercial adoption.

The Forum is a key annual feature of the EVI Global EV Pilot City Program (EVI-PCP), which aims to build a network of at least 100 cities by 2022, which would work together on the promotion of electric mobility. Central pillars of the programme are to facilitate information exchange among cities and to encourage the replication of best practices, for example through webinars and workshops. The work of the EVI-PCP is coordinated by the IEA and Shanghai International Automobile City (SIAC). As in previous years, gathering speakers from leading innovators in the electric vehicle space, this edition of the Forum will also aim to bring together the experiences and lessons learned of electric mobility development at the city-level from the UK and around the world.

The city of Dundee, with support from the IEA, are in touch with various city networks and stakeholders to ensure fruitful exchanges between participants on electric vehicle strategies & policy, charging infrastructure roll out and international collaboration