Report launch

Energy Efficiency Market Report 2021

Background information

The IEA’s annual update on global developments in energy efficiency will include recent trends and policy updates, with specific analysis on how digitalisation is changing the scale and scope of energy efficiency. It also takes a deep dive into energy efficiency and net zero by 2050, building on the IEA’s Net Zero Report.

  • Chapter 1 explores recent trends in energy efficiency markets at the economy-wide and sectoral levels. This includes recent developments in energy intensity, as well as shifts in energy efficiency investment, venture capital spending and government expenditure on sustainable recovery plans. It examines major policy developments at the national and international levels as well as other major technology and market developments.
  • Chapter 2 focuses on the role of energy efficiency in delivering net zero by 2050. This includes an examination of the crucial role of efficient appliances and equipment, as well as major energy efficiency net zero milestones in buildings, transport and industry.
  • Chapter 3 provides a deep dive into digital energy efficiency markets, including how digitalisation is expanding the benefits from energy efficiency and how business models are evolving to take advantage of these opportunities. It also explores how governments are navigating the related opportunities, risks and challenges, including digital skills and access, data protection and cyber security, as well as the energy consumption and efficiency of digital infrastructure.