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Energy Efficiency 2022

Background information

Today’s historic energy crisis has led to soaring prices and supply disruptions, all against a background of the global community striving to achieve its climate goals.

Against this backdrop, the IEA’s latest Energy Efficiency Market Report delves into the developments in the efficiency landscape over the past 12 months, examining how governments are turning to demand reduction and energy efficiency to help struggling households and businesses cope with record energy inflation. It examines the latest energy efficiency policies and technologies, and how investment is being channelled into efficiency to boost affordability, security and climate action.

This year’s report also features a special focus on energy efficiency in the countries that make up the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN), an increasingly important region for the energy transition. It looks at the region’s progress to date, and what governments can do to make the most of its enormous potential to improve energy efficiency and secure associated benefits.