29 Feb 2016 Workshop — Paris, France

Distributed Energy Resources Workshop 1: New Roles and responsibilities in Smart Distribution Networks


SESSION 1 Understanding Different Roles: Smart network use, operation and planning 

Moderator: Jesse Scott, IEA  Introduction


Simon Mueller. IEA
Types of service providers in smart distribution networks

Jorge Vasconcelos, Owner, NEWES, and Invited Professor, MIT-Portugal Program
Changing roles: between Moore and Maxwell

• Henning Parbo, Chief Economist, Market Development, Energinet.dk 
Danish TSO experiences with large-scale integration of DERs

Thomas Veyrenc, Director, Markets, RTE 
Demand-response, flexibility and smart grid planning:status and discussions in France

Followed by roundtable discussion

SESSION 2 Services and Responsibilities: Innovative services – or can you do what you want to do?

Moderator: Frauke Thies, Executive Director, Smart Energy Demand Coalition

• Rick Truscott, Senior Director, Power Systems, CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd 
Perspective on an integrated utility

• Robert Heiliger, Deputy Head of Innovation Centre Distribution, E.ON
Innovative services from energy network operators 

• Johan Lindehag, CEO, Ellevio 
A new energy landscape requires an improved regulatory agenda

• Paul Troughton, Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs, EnerNOC 
Using customer flexibility to defer or avoid network capital works

Followed by roundtable discussion

SESSION 3 A New Start: Perspectives for the future of distribution grids

Moderator: Szilvia Doczi, Senior Regulatory Economist, Arup

Stephen Callahan, VP Global Strategy and Solutions, Energy & Utilities Industry, IBM 
The modern era energy grid (MEeG): Assume the role of energy integrator

Klaus Kubeczko, Austrian Institute of Technology and International Smart Grid Action Network
Transitioning towards future medium and low voltage grids: changing cognitive frames, social networks and institutions

Followed by roundtable discussion

Conclusion and outline of future work
Jesse Scott, IEA