Report launch — Berlin, Germany

Digitalization as the Enabler for High Performance District Heating Systems

Background Information

This event is organised by the IEA District Heating and Cooling Technology Collaboration Programme, which is an independent initiative under the umbrella of the overall IEA Technology Collaboration Programme. Learn more.

Digital technologies are expected to improve the efficiency and system integration of additional renewable sources, as well as making the entire energy system reliable, smarter, and more efficient. Future digital applications may allow district energy systems to fully optimise the operation of their plant and network assets while realising immediate and feasible decarbonisation of urban heat supply: With data to optimise district heating systems and new business opportunities.

This conference offers information on cutting-edge technologies and solutions around digitalization measures in district heating supply systems and creates a forum for participants from business, research institutions, and politics to engage in discussions and in exchanging ideas on these topics in addition to allowing new research and technology to be presented. Thus, the conference provides an opportunity for an open interdisciplinary conversation on how to address the upcoming challenges of the digital energy transition

The presenters bring with them a wide range of expertise in digitalization solutions with a specific focus on the design and management of district heating systems. They additionally give insight into the development status of new digital business processes. 

This event completes the Annex TS4 project, "Digitalization of District Heating and Cooling: Optimised Operation and Maintenance of District Heating and Cooling Systems via Digital Process Management", which was carried out within the framework of the International Energy Agency's District Heating and Cooling Programme. It is organized in close collaboration with the Fraunhofer Cluster for Integrated Energy Systems (CINES).  

The conference aims to:

  • Present activities, solutions and challenges from various perspectives
  • Discuss the role of digitalisation within a future decarbonated and integrated energy system
  • Gain an impression of current commercial solutions 

This conference is directed towards:

  • District heating network operators and energy suppliers
  • Digitalisation solution providers (software and hardware, consultants)
  • R&D institutes and universities
  • Policy makers, energy authorities, and associations

Programme and Registration: