Paris Time Webinar

Advancing Buildings Energy Efficiency in Southeast Asia Webinar


The buildings and buildings construction sectors combined are responsible for over one-third of global final energy consumption and nearly 40% of total direct and indirect CO2 emissions. Energy demand from buildings, including air conditioning and buildings construction continues to rise, driven by improved access to energy in developing countries, greater ownership and use of energy-consuming devices, and rapid growth in global buildings floor area. 

The path to low-emissions, efficient and resilient buildings, construction sectors will require greater collaboration among policymakers at all jurisdictional levels, as well as with urban planners, architects, developers, investors, construction companies and utility companies.  

Based on the findings from the GlobalABC Regional Roadmap for Buildings and Construction in Asia, developed by the IEA in 2019, there exists significant potential in policy and technology development in the ASEAN region, across the areas including new building construction, building retrofits, appliances, building operations and construction materials.  

This webinar explored some of the key questions around advancing energy efficiency in buildings in Southeast Asia. It marked the official launch of the IEA’s new online course on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. 

The syllabus of the IEA’s new online course on Energy Efficiency in Buildings is available to download here. This is a free online course, which is accessible here