Paris Time Report launch

A Vision for Clean Cooking Access for All

Background information

One in three people in emerging and developing economies still cook over open fires, breathing in harmful smoke and fumes on a daily basis. Many of these people also spend hours gathering fuel and tending to fires for meal preparation. Women and children bear the brunt of this burden, often placing them in the way of danger while hampering opportunities for education, formal employment and financial independence.

The stoves and fuels needed to provide access to clean cooking are widely available, yet they remain out of reach for billions of people around the world. The IEA's new special report, A Vision for Clean Cooking Access for All, builds on the Agency’s two decades of work on energy access issues, shedding light on the challenges and successes in delivering clean cooking solutions, and laying out a roadmap to achieve universal access. 

Developed in collaboration with the African Development Bank Group, the report focuses closely on sub-Saharan Africa and leverages the expertise of numerous international partners engaged in advancing progress on clean cooking globally.