Paris Time Webinar

8th Annual EPRI-IEA Workshop Challenges in Energy Decarbonisation: Building a Resilient Net-Zero Future

Background information

From 19 to 21 October, the International Energy Agency and the Electric Power Research Institute will host the 8th annual edition of the workshop series ‘Challenges in Energy Decarbonisation: Building a Resilient Net-Zero Future’. This public webinar, opened by Ms. Mary Burce Warlick, IEA Deputy Executive Director and Dr. Arshad Mansoor, President and Chief Executive Officer, EPRI, will bring together a broad range of representatives from government, system operators, utilities, business and academia leading the transformation of power systems as part of energy transitions around the globe.

Spread over three days the workshop series will include expert presentations and panel discussions over the course of three sessions:

  • Flexibility and Resilience in Decarbonised Energy Systems
  • Promise vs Potential: a Holistic Look at Electrification
  • Planning and Forecasting for Physical and Climate Resilience

Panel 2: Promise vs Potential: A holistic Look at Electrification

Increased electrification will require not only increased resilience and grid hardening, but also a multi-sector approach that leverages sector interdependencies throughout the entire energy system. This session will look at how to best address economy-wide approaches to decarbonisation.

Panellists will discuss multi-sector synergies and efficiencies including multi-sector modelling, the role of hydrogen and gas-electricity interlinking, T&D considerations and more.