The value of urgent action on energy efficiency

Global Conference on Energy Efficiency, 2022

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About this report

This report underscores the vital role of energy efficiency and energy saving in meeting today’s crises by immediately addressing the crippling impacts of the spike in energy prices, strengthening energy security and tackling climate change.

Sønderborg Action Plan

For the first time, the IEA 7th Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency included a closed-door ministerial discussion attended by representatives from 27 countries. The discussion led to a joint statement, which recognised the importance of energy efficiency and welcomed, among other things, the Sønderborg Action Plan. This is the set of strategic principles and policy toolkits developed by the IEA that can help governments seeking to implement efficiency policies rapidly.

You can download the underlying analysis, policy toolkits and strategic principles making up the Action Plan on this page. You can also watch all of the main Global Conference sessions on the event page.

Together, the components of the Action Plan along with the joint statement serve as both a reminder of the central role that energy efficiency can play in alleviating today’s energy challenges, while also providing a useful blueprint for governments to turn ambition into action.

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