The Future Role of Coal

Markets, supply and the environment

About this report

In preparation for their 1998 Plenary meeting, the members of the IEA’s Coal Industry Advisory Board prepared individual papers addressing the key issues facing the coal industry at this challenging time. The result is a collection of unique perceptions on the future role of coal from the leaders of the industry. They provide a valuable, first-hand insight into the views and concerns of the coal industry as it faces a rapidly changing market due to: ? uncertainties within the electricity generating industry, which in turn are a result of the continuing transition to a liberalised electricity market and of unanswered questions about the final structure, shape and regulatory framework of this market; ? increasing environmental commitments by governments, especially in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol. Coal, with its ample, cost-effective and geographically diverse reserves, has traditionally been a major factor in energy security and price stability. Is this important role now under threat? How does the coal industry itself see its market evolving? What are the industry’s views of the role of coal in a future where carbon emissions are strictly limited? Important questions with thought-provoking responses in this challenging collection of individual papers from the IEA’s Coal Industry Advisory Board.

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