Technology Development Prospects for the Indian Power Sector

About this report

The Indian power sector will face numerous challenges over the next four decades. More than one-third of India’s population currently does not have access to electricity. Urgent action is needed to overcome this problem of energy poverty. At the same time, rapid economic growth is projected to increase electricity demand by fivefold to sixfold between now and 2050. Massive investments will be needed to meet this increased demand, but this will also create unique opportunities to transform the power sector towards a low-carbon future. This report presents in more detail the analysis for India published in Energy Technology Perspectives 2010. The report investigates the best way of achieving deep CO2 emission cuts in the Indian power system while allowing the Indian economy to continue growing and meeting the challenge of alleviating energy poverty. It does so from a techno-economic perspective – building on detailed resource and technology data for India – and identifies the key power sector technologies needed for India to realise such a transition.