About this report

Saving Oil in a Hurry (2018) provides a set of actionable recommendations for governments on how to effectively reduce oil demand in the event of an oil supply disruption. This report includes the latest developments using digital technologies. The demand restraint toolbox is structured around different categories of measures that countries can choose from to determine the most appropriate short-term measures to rapidly save oil when facing a crisis. In addition to the short-term benefits, the report briefly explores how demand restraint measures might be implemented in a mid- to long-term timeframe to encourage a low-carbon mobility strategy. This report intends to serve as a resource for IEA member countries, accession and association countries, or any other country interested in designing and implementing measures to reduce oil demand in the short-term when confronted with sudden restrictions in oil supply. As the study has a global perspective, it is important for individual countries to conduct their own analyses, reflecting their specific priorities and circumstances, and this report provides methodologies and data designed to be useful in that context.