Issues Related to a Programme of Activities under the CDM

About this report

This report assesses how "project activities under a programme of activities" under the CDM (referred to here as PCDM) could help to increase the effectiveness of the CDM by encouraging a wide spread of emission mitigation activities. This paper also explores the key issues that may need to be considered for the PCDM concept to be further implemented.
The paper makes the following conclusions. First, key concepts and issues need to be defined and clarified (such as what is meant by a "programme of activities" in the CDM context? How is it different from “bundles” of CDM projects? Does guidance on bundling also apply to PCDM? Is a programme of activities that is designed to implement a local/national/regional policy or standard eligible under the CDM?). Second, guidance specific to PCDM may need to be established for some issues. For example, since the EB is examining new approaches to demonstrate additionality prior to COP/MOP2, it may wish to assess whether any future guidance on additionality should distinguish between PCDM and other CDM project activities. Other issues may also warrant guidance (or methodologies) specific to PCDM, such as crediting periods, determining baselines, ex ante definition (or not) of unique project locations.