About this report

The Global EV Outlook represents the collective efforts of two years of primary data gathering and analysis from the Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI) and IEA. Key takeaways and insights include landscape analysis of electric vehicle stock/sales and charging station deployment. Existing policy initiatives are delineated and future opportunities highlighted in an “Opportunity Matrix: Pathways to 2020”. Together, EVI countries accounted for more than 90% of world electric vehicle stock at the end of 2012. Strong government support in EVI countries on both the supply and demand sides are contributing to rising market penetration. Twelve out of 15 EVI countries offer financial support for vehicle purchases, and most employ a mix of financial and non-financial incentives (such as access to restricted highway lanes) to help drive adoption. The Global EV Outlook is a unique and data-rich overview of the state of electric vehicles today and offers an understanding of the electric vehicle landscape to 2020.