About this report

At their Gleneagles Summit in July 2005, G8 leaders identified climate change and securing clean energy and sustainable development as key global challenges. They agreed that we must transform the way we use energy and that we must start now. Improved energy efficiency is essential to meeting this goal. Therefore, the G8 asked the IEA to provide analysis of energy use and efficiency developments in buildings, appliances, transport and industry. This report is a response to the G8 request. Looking back, it shows how changes in energy efficiency, economic structure, income, prices and fuel mix have affected recent trends in energy use and CO2 emissions in IEA countries. The results are a wake-up call for us all. Since 1990, the rate of energy efficiency improvement in IEA countries has been less than 1% per year – much lower than in previous decades and not nearly enough to stem the growth of CO2 emissions. If we are to tackle climate change and move towards a sustainable energy future then this rate will need to double. We must – and we can – do better! By means of in-depth energy indicators, Energy Use in the New Millennium: Trends in IEA Countries provides important insights to policy makers about current energy use and CO2 emission patterns that will help shape priorities for future action.