Energy Policies of IEA Countries: Turkey 2005

Energy Policy Review

About this report

The International Energy Agency's review of Turkey's energy policies and programmes. Following a summary of the conclusions and recommendations, the report surveys the general energy scene and energy policy in Turkey, looks at energy and the environment, reviews efforts to enhance energy efficiency, and then examines developments related to oil, natural gas, coal, renewable energy, and electricity. The book closes with a look at Turkey's R&D efforts related to energy.

The book finds that Turkey has undertaken significant reforms to open energy markets, but needs to undertake further actions to see the process to a successful conclusion. Turkey has been very active in international co-operation and has become an important energy corridor between east and west. It has transposed many EU laws and regulations into its own national legislation and is in the process of synchronising its electricity network with the European grid. It has also ratified the Framework Convention on Climate Change and is developing a climate change strategy. But it needs to focus more on energy supply and conservation, do more to evaluate the cost effectiveness of its policies, and better co-ordinate policies across various government bodies.