Energy Efficiency for Affordability

Improving people's lives through delivery of a modern, sustainable energy system in Kenya

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About this report

Energy efficiency continues to play a critical role in improving living standards around the world and is the first and best response to simultaneously meet affordability, supply security and climate goals. As Kenya looks to drive forward its clean energy transition in the face of the global climate and energy crises, there is a growing role for energy efficiency in supporting its aims to ensure affordable, reliable access to electricity while allowing greater integration of renewable energy technologies.

As part of the Energy Efficiency in Emerging Economies (E4) Programme, this report aims to provide an overview of current progress in energy efficiency and its potential for improving people's lives through delivery of a sustainable, modern energy system. The report assesses progress, opportunities and challenges for energy efficiency across four key areas: Buildings, Appliances, Clean Cooking and Electricity System Losses.

The report gives suggestions on potential policy actions that can be taken to enhance progress, drawing on case studies and examples from Kenya and other countries in Africa and globally. It represents part of the IEA’s growing collaboration with Kenya in the build-up to the IEA’s Energy Efficiency in Emerging Economies Training Week and 9th Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency, which will take place in Nairobi in March and May 2024 respectively.