Emissions Measurement and Data Collection for a Net Zero Steel Industry

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About this report

The implementation phase for achieving a net zero steel industry will require robust methodologies for measuring emissions at the site- and product-level, together with data collection frameworks to facilitate comparison and track progress. An existing array of methodologies and frameworks for the steel industry provide a good starting point for efforts to achieve these outcomes, but much work remains to achieve interoperability, transparency and fitness for purpose for net zero. Following an evaluation of these existing methodologies and frameworks, this report provides “net zero principles” to guide potential next steps for their development and implementation, together with specific policy recommendations for G7 members. 

In the context of Japan’s G7 Presidency, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry requested the International Energy Agency (IEA) to examine the topic of Emissions Measurement and Data Collection for a Net Zero Steel Industry. This work complements that undertaken during Germany’s G7 Presidency in 2022 – Achieving Net Zero Heavy Industry Sectors in G7 Members – providing insights and direction for the G7 Industrial Decarbonisation Agenda with regard to tackling industrial emissions.