Demand-side Data and Energy Efficiency Indicators

A guide to designing a national roadmap

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About this report

Energy efficiency indicators are key to tracking energy efficiency progress for a variety of purposes (e.g. policy making, monitoring targets, making energy projections, developing scenarios and planning, and benchmarking). This guide is for professionals and decision makers, describing options and good practices for the collection of energy end-use data and the development of energy efficiency indicators at the national level. In parallel, it can also be used as an assessment tool, helping countries/economies to locate their starting point, and to identify appropriate targets according to their respective national interests and priorities.

The roadmap presented here encompasses the results of a consultation exercise across countries and presents good practices and practical tips. It acknowledges that there is no single solution, but a number of possible pathways instead, depending on national contexts and priorities. The roadmap is a strategic document looking at the whole value chain in the development of efficiency indicators, from the initial point where the need for data and indicators arises up to the later dissemination and data use stages, and is meant to be a useful resource for practitioners across the globe in the development of energy efficiency indicators.