Coal 2022

Analysis and forecast to 2025

Photograph of a coal train through a forest

About this report

Coal sits in the centre of climate and energy discussions because it is the largest energy source globally for electricity generation and for the production of iron and steel and of cement, as well as the largest single source of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The current energy crisis has forced some countries to increase their reliance on coal in spite of climate and energy targets.

Coal 2022 offers a thorough analysis of recent trends in coal demand, supply, trade, costs and prices against a backdrop of rising concern about energy security and geopolitical tensions. It also provides forecasts to 2025 for demand, supply and trade – by region and by coal grade. The report contains a deep analysis of China, whose influence on the coal market is unparalleled by any other country and in any other fuel.

The IEA’s Coal Market Report has been published every December since 2011, becoming the global benchmark for coal demand, supply and trade forecasts. It is essential reading for anyone with an interest in climate and energy.