About this report

Which alternative motor fuels will be in common use tomorrow? Which criteria should be used to assess them? No simple answers exist. Complex trade-offs are involved in the decision-making process. But the most important ingredient for making informed choices is sound information produced by a transparent methodology. Automotive Fuels for the Future offers a digest of basic data on the critical fuel choices for the future. It is a well-balanced compendium of concise technical information, as well as an overview of the essential issues in deciding among alternative fuels. Fuels such as natural gas, LPG or alcohols and biodiesel derived from different feedstocks are considered over the entire cycle from production to use. They are analysed in terms of environmental effects, safety, availability and cost. Their weaknesses and strengths are judged against the yardsticks of established gasoline and diesel technologies. This publication from IEA/AFIS, the information service of the IEA Implementing Agreement on Advanced Motor Fuels, makes this information accessible to the general reader.