A Policy Toolkit for Implementing LiFE

Lessons from G20 experiences

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About this report

The Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE) initiative, launched in 2022 by India, aims to promote environmentally responsible consumption choices and behaviour in India and worldwide. High level principles on implementing LiFE were adopted by the G20, under India’s presidency. 

Following the first IEA report on LiFE, which examined the impact on energy consumption, costs and emissions of measures like those proposed by the LiFE initiative, this report provides a concrete policy toolkit for advancing LiFE implementation at the level of countries, subnational jurisdictions and individuals, and through international fora such as the G20.

Enabling people to adopt sustainable consumption choices and habits requires dedicated and sustained policy interventions. This report examines the mechanisms of policies in driving change. Of the almost 1.7 billion tonnes (Gt) of CO2 savings that would be achieved in G20 countries by an implementation of LiFE-aligned measures, around 60% could be directly influenced or mandated by policies. 

It showcases that the LiFE movement is gaining traction, tracking around 120 LiFE-aligned policies already implemented across G20 countries and building policy toolkit based on experiences and best practices.

Finally, it examines the multiple co-benefits of LiFE measures on equity, air pollution, employment and economic development, health, water, food and land-use.