Saving energy by the organizations of local authorities

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The programmes concern the implementation of interventions by the organizations of local authorities (municipalities), in specific thematic areas, to reduce energy consumption at the urban environment. The programme is addressed to Greek municipalities with population more than 10.000 inhabitants and prefecture capitals.Potential interventions/activities for implementation are classified into the following thematic areas:Area 1: Interventions in existing municipal buildingsArea 2: Interventions in public areas of urban environmentArea 3: Pilot interventions in urban transport at a municipal levelArea 4: Interventions in other urban (municipal) infrastructuresArea 5: Activities of dissemination, networking and informationThe programme is implemented through the Operational Programme "Competiveness and Entrepreneurship". The total budget of the Programme is 82.86 million €. The approved action plans will be implemented by the respective local authorities. The total number of submitted proposals is 191 out of 230 eligible municipalities. The evaluation procedure has been completed and 103 proposals with total budget 81,9 million € have been approved.